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Guest Admission Agreement Hagerhof

1. Conclusion of contract, travel agents, information in travel and hotel guides

1.1. By sending a booking request, the guest also offers to agree to the guest admission contract. This offer is based on the description of the accommodation and further information delivered in the booking (e.g. topography, classification description) as long as these are available to the guest.


1.2. We have no obligation to perform services that are based on information listed in hotel guides and other guides or directories that we have not published, unless we have explicitly agreed to deliver these services to the guest.


1.3. A booking can be made in oral, written or electronic (email or internet) form or by telephone or fax. In the case of an electronic booking, we will immediately send an electronic confirmation of receiving the booking.


1.4. The contract will be concluded when the guest receives our booking confirmation (Annahmeerklärung). The booking confirmation does not need to be kept in a specific format so that oral or phone confirmations are binding to us and the guest. We will usually follow up an oral or phone confirmation with a written booking confirmation.


1.5. Should we make a specific offer or quote pertaining to the wishes of the guest or client, then this is a legally binding offer or quote regardless of the rules listed above. In these cases, the contract will be concluded without us sending a booking confirmation as soon as the guest or client accepts the offer or quote within the time frame agreed upon without restrictions, changes or expansions of the offer or quote by sending an express statement, deposit or final payment or by accepting the accommodation.


2. Non-binding reservations

2.1. Non-binding reservations which the guest can cancel at any time and at no cost are only available with our express agreement.


2.2. In the event that we did not expressly agree to a non-binding reservation, each booking will always become a legally binding contract between us and the guest/client according to paragraph 1 (Conclusion of contract).


2.3. In the event that we did expressly agree to a non-binding reservation, we will reserve the accommodation for the guest until the date agreed upon in the reservation agreement. The guest is obligated to let us know until that date if the reservation is to be treated as a legally binding booking. Should the guest neglect to let us know by that date, the reservation will be cancelled without further notice. If the guest does confirm the reservation by that date, the booking will become legally binding and does not require a booking confirmation by us.


3. Pricing and services

3.1. Prices listed in the booking basis (flyer, internet) and final prices and contain value-added tax as well as all additional costs, unless other additional costs are listed. Visitor's tax and consumption-based utilities (e.g. electricity, water, fire wood) as well as additional services may accrue and be listed separately.


3.2. The services we are obligated to deliver are solely listed in the booking confirmation based on the booking basis (flyer, internet) or object description as well as additional expressly made agreements between us and the guest/client.In the interest of the guest/client, all additional agreements should be made in written form.


4. Payment

4.1. The payment terms for deposits and final payments are agreed upon in the respective agreement between us and the guest or client. In the event that no other agreement was made, the complete accommodation price including all fees and costs for utilities and additional services will become due and payable to us by the final day of the accommodation.


4.2. For accommodations with a duration of more than 1 week, we reserve the right to bill and make payable to us all additional costs for previous accommodation days and additional services (e.g. food or catering costs that were not included in the accommodation price, use of the minibar).


4.3. We reserve the right to request a deposit payment after the booking confirmation was made. The amount of such a deposit payment can be up to 30% of the total accommodation price, unless a different agreement was made with the guest.


4.4. Should the deposit payment not be made on time despite payment reminders and deadlines, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract and bill the guest with the cancellation fees listed in paragraph 5 of this agreement, unless we are not able or willing to deliver the services listed in the contract and the guest has no contractual or legal right of retention.


4.5. Payments cannot be made in foreign currencies or with collection only checks. Payments can only be made with credit cards if such a payment method was agreed upon or offered by us through a general notice. The guest does not have a right to pay via wire transfer at the end of the accommodation.


5. Cancellation and no-show

5.1. In the event of a cancellation or no-show, our claim to payment of the accommodation price including the food and catering costs as well as all fees for additional services remains.


5.2. We are obligated to try and find a different use for the accommodation within the regular business hours, without obligation to make a specific effort and in regards to the individual character of the accommodation (e.g. non-smoking room, family room).


5.3. We are obligated to take into account the income through such a replacement accommodation as well as expenses saved, should a replacement accommodation not be possible.


5.4. In accordance with the percentages for expenses saved acknowledged by German law, the guest or client is obligated to pay the following amount of the total price of the accommodation services (including all additional costs) excluding all public charges such as visitor's tax or tourism levy:

Holiday homes/apartments and accommodation without catering 90%
Overnight stay with breakfast 80%


5.5. The guest or client retains the right to prove that the expenses saved are higher than the above mentioned percentages or that a replacement for the accommodation services and other services was found. In the event of such proof, the guest or client are only obligated to pay the lower amount.


5.6. In the event of a cancellation, a fee in the amount of the deposit payment or higher is charged, unless otherwise agreed upon with the guest.


5.7. We highly recommend taking out a travel cancellation insurance. We recommend the company HanseMerkur, whch can be booked here.


5.8. The cancellation notice is to be directed towards us only and not the local tourism office and, in the interest of the guest, should be in written form.


6. Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Rosenheim, Germany.

Children's Paradise

Welcome to our fairy tale style & family friendly holiday apartments close to the Chiemsee in Bavaria. Our Hagerhof is situated in an idyllic location surrounded by nature – the perfect place to play, be noisy, have fun out in nature, explore, and even learn about work at a farm.


During winter or on rainy days, there are plenty of exciting and new activities to enjoy. Meet our animals in their stables, lend a helping hand, or spend your days playing in our play-barn or play-basement.


» more

Hiking- & Biking Paradise

Start your day of adventure right at the front door of our Hagerhof as you embark on a lovely hike or a bike tour. One of the highly recommended tours leads to the idyllic Hartsee which is one of the 18 lakes in our region which includes the famous Chiemsee, here in our nature region Eggstätt-Hemhofer Seenplatte.


At the Hartsee, guests can enjoy various activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, or simply relaxing in the beer garden – great fun is guaranteed here!


The Mill

72 m² for 2-6 guests

Stylish luxury apartment incl. 2 bathrooms, maisonette– a true architectual gem ...



The Bakery

50 m² for 2-4 guests

Fairy-tale luxury apartment with a cosy tiled stove fireplace and a romantic corner to cuddle up ...



The Weaving Mill

50 m² for 2-4 guests

Exclusive holiday flat with a traditional farmer's parlour with a quaint tiled stove and a romantic bedroom ...



The Granary

75 m² for 2-6 guests

Charming luxury holiday apartment with an exceptional ambience and delightful details awaits ...



The Hay Loft

70 m² for 2-6 guests

Unique loft-apartment with fantastic features such as the romantic "Haystack" bedroom and two luxurious bathrooms ... 



The Distillery

50 m² for 2-4 guests

Comfortable rustic country-home holiday apartment with a uniquely cosy ambience ...



The Pigeon Loft

48 m² for 2-5 guests

Fantastic holiday apartment on the top floor of our house – a stunningly beautiful and peaceful haven  ...



The Smithy

53 m² for 2-5 guests

Exclusive holiday apartment with historic ambience, traditional farmhouse-style, and exceptional charm ...



The Spinning Chamber

40 m² for 2-4 guests

Romantic dream holiday home which will whisk you away into a real life fairy-tale ...



The Pottery

55 m² for 2-4 guests

Exclusive and luxurious holiday flat for some well-deserved rest and relaxation ...


Sunny Days

For couples, for young families,

for grandparents with grandchildren...

Take a look at our exclusive offers and surprise someone special with a relaxing and magical holiday in our unique holiday apartments.

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As a farming family, we highly value regional produce & sustainability. Since April 2020, we are additionally providing electricity from a brand-new photovoltaic system incl. two electric vehicle charging stations.



Yoga at the Hagerhof

Relax and strengthen your entire body with Yoga exercises, exercising body & mind. Our calm, peaceful farm is the ideal setting for you to simply let go and find peace.




Fairy Tale Holidays

Here at the Hagerhof we offer holidays in our charming apartments with added features such as tiled wood-fire stoves and cosy corners for you to relax and unwind in the beautiful Lake Chiemsee region.




Christmas at the Hagerhof

Enjoy this magical time of year in a whimsical setting and witness the first snowfalls. Our huge pine Christmas tree welcomes all guests to our farmhouse. We also set up our traditional nativity scene to ensure a memorable Christmas together with your loved ones.



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